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Water Proofing Services Perth WA

Water Proofing Services Perth WA

Water and humidity can lead to a range of structural and superficial issues, including deterioration and mould. Waterproofing is a precaution which shouldn’t be avoided, but it is something which should be done by an experienced tradesperson. At Tate’s Coating Services we use a unique elastomer coating to create a seamless barrier for increased water protection.

High Quality Polyurea Elastomer Coatings

The team at Tate’s Coating Services are able to perform waterproofing services throughout the Perth region, on jobs of any size. Our polyurea elastomer coating is designed to be durable, with a long service life. Our waterproofing will outperform traditional EPDM liners and will be resistant to impact and punctures. This elastomer is applied as a spray and will help to prevent leaching from any support structures. Installation is fast, and in most cases will be ready for use within a few hours. The product has a monolithic finish which is free from welds, laps or seams. For more information on our system, please watch the following video on our Polyurea Coating and Lining video:

Roof Waterproofing

One of the most important areas to protect is the roof, and with our roof waterproofing service you can rest assured you are gaining optimal protection from the elements. Our spray on waterproofing product will aid in the prevention of any future maintenance or replacements and will last long term. Our polyurea elastomer is UV resistant which is an added benefit for those living in the erratic WA climate.

Other Areas Suitable for Waterproofing

In addition to roof waterproofing, our versatile solution can be applied to a range of different areas. These include:
  • Blinding slabs
  • Retaining walls
  • Roof decking
  • Tank lining
  • Floor decking
  • Ramps
  • Podiums
  • Car Parks
  • Planter boxes
  • Fish ponds

Added Advantages of Our Product

Our polyurea elastomer coating has numerous benefits, and the safety features are well worth noting. This product is resistant to fuels, battery acid and alkaline cleaners and there are no solvents or VOCs in the formula. There is only a very mild odour, and due to the method of application, the seals will be flawless. This is a flexible solution allowing for movement within materials and can withstand changes in weather.   We are able to waterproof existing properties or perform this service prior to construction. The product can be applied in any thickness, with multiple coats if required. There is minimal cleaning or maintenance required, and the finished result has an attractive appearance with low dirt retention. If you are looking for a system which will stand the test of time while efficiently sealing any gaps, we highly recommend using our polyurea elastomer coating.

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At Tate’s Coating, we are able to provide you with a range of professional services in Perth including waterproofing, wall insulation, roof insulation and asbestos removal. If you would like to learn more about how we can support your domestic or commercial property, please contact us today.