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Underfloor Insulation for Perth

Underfloor Insulation for Perth

Have you ever attempted to insulate underneath your home? Did the insulation fall off? Was it difficult to do? Could you get to everywhere under the home? Possibly Not!! Spray foam insulation can provide the simplest, most efficient and practical way to insulate underneath floors. Commonly, floorboards are uninsulated within homes, however, our products provide the ideal solution for sub-floor insulation. We have the solution! Polyurethane foam can be applied underneath almost any home floor that has adequate space. Tate's Coating Services provide a product that will adhere to the floor surface and provide a seamless application sealing the floor from cool draughts entering your home. A lot of the dust that enters a house is through the floorboards which can also be controlled by sealing the floors with polyurethane foam insulation. In addition to stopping the cool draughts entering your home the insulation will also dampen the noises experienced on wooden floorboards due to the acoustic benefits of the insulation product. At Tate’s Coating Services we have been operating since 1996 and pride ourselves on being an experienced and family owned business. Our quality service and expertise has led to many happy customers, with director Peter Tate at the helm. Our strong reputation of being a trustworthy insulation installer in the Welshpool area, WA has made us a popular choice for many locals. We have a range of services available, including polyurethane underfloor insulation:

The Benefits of Underfloor Insulation

Floor insulation may not be as widely discussed as wall or ceiling and roof insulation, but it does have significant advantages. Up to 15% of heat can be lost through the floor, often causing cold drafts. You can fix this problem by making your home or office more energy efficient with our polyurethane foam insulation. During winter you will be able to keep the heat in more effectively, and in summer you will notice your home stays cooler. With unpredictable weather, maximising your heating and cooling will not only save you money, but keep your living space more comfortable. In addition, any dust which could come through the floorboards is eliminated...and that means less cleaning! Floorboards can be noisy, and this type of insulation can help to quieten your footsteps for those midnight snack trips to the fridge. This is due to the acoustic benefits of our insulation products.

What Makes Polyurethane Unique?

Using polyurethane as underfloor insulation is a smart choice. At Tate’s Coating Services we use a spray foam which can be blown in, ensuring there are no gaps or missed spaces. This can be used under almost any type of floor, provided there is enough space for access. This is a plastic material and we focus on using polyurethane foams and elastomers. Two different chemicals are mixed together to create an injectable product which is dispensed as a foam. The air is sealed in one step and the product sets in a matter of seconds. When installed by an experienced applicator, there will be no gaps around areas such as trusses and fixtures. Traditional insulation products can miss hard to reach places, making polyurethane stand out from the crowd. Trying to install your own underfloor insulation can be messy, so instead, let the experts take care of everything. Our product sticks to the outside surface of the floor without damage, providing a seamless application. Our polyurethane foam meets Australia’s strict building standards, and will not need replacing over time. There may be a slight odour upon application, but this quickly fades.

Why Choose Us...

We can install underfloor insulation to homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced WA team are dedicated to providing excellent service, and you can be confident in the final result. If you would like to be better equipped to control the temperature in your home, and save money on your energy bills please contact us to find out more about our underfloor insulation service. We are available Monday to Friday between 7am and 3pm, and weekends by appointment.