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Wade and Fiona, Bickley Valley, Perth

After rennovating our timber home we put off doing the final “underfloor” insulation (i.e. jarrah floorboards). Fortunately we came across Liam and his team at Home Foam Insulation. Liam took the time to provide a very reasonable quote and thoroughly explain the product and its application. His team were a pleasure to have in our home while they were applying the insulation. They were polite and conscientious, even working safely around our children and animals. They ensured that all clean-up was done before they left, so we were able to fully enjoy our newly insulated home. And what a difference it has made! No more drafts through the floor boards hence it is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but the big surprise was our house is quieter too when our children are running around. Thank you Liam, we shouldn’t have waited so long before booking you in!

Gary & Anna, West Leederville

We engaged Tates Coating to enquire about getting the wooden floor of our 1930’s house insulated to create a barrier between the soil underneath and help keep the house warmer in winter. An appointment was made and they turned up on time and explained the options and measured up to do the quote. The quote and material data sheets were received and we were surprised as the cost was much lower than we expected. We agreed and made a booking to install which occurred on time and in the timeframe advised. As winter arrives we can now walk on the floor boards without shoes as the floor boards are much warmer than last year. I would recommend to anyone with an older style house and have already told a few of our neighbours. A good service at a good price and on time makes for a great business. Thank you Liam and Tates Coating

Murray Chapman

We first investigated the use of polyurethane foam after seeing it in use insulating a shed used for sorting cherries on Tim Birmingham’s Cherry Farm in Dwellingup;
Although we had standard yellow bat roof insulation it was inadequate for our 1898 limestone and iron house so we requested a quote from Tates Coating Services to spray 25-30mm thickness of Aus Foam 30 polyurethane foam on the underside of the roof iron. The polyurethane product is a huge improvement over the yellow bats. The house has a reverse cycle air conditioner which has only been turned on once for 2 hours during the summer of 2014-5.
The exterior verandah of our 2 story house had just been repainted when Tates arrived and we warned them that any damage was repaired at their expense. The warning was completely unnecessary as the care they took to protect our heritage listed building exceeded our expectations. The work was carried out quickly, professionally and on budget. Are we pleased? You bet we are.

Robert Payne


Thanks for doing a great job yes it has raised the temperature inside about 10 degrees


I contacted Peter about domestic underfloor insulation. He gave me good advice and then organised a time for the job that suited me. The two technicians that arrived to apply the insulation were friendly and went out of their way to minimise the disruption for my family and neighbours. They also did a great job and the house is noticeably warmer on cold winter mornings. I wish I had the insulation put in years ago.

Mike Johnson


Hi Tim,

Please let Peter know  that readings we are getting are about 2 degrees warmer inside.  So far it has not dropped below 15 degrees even when outside temperature is below 11 degrees (and that’s with no wind chill factor – as there has been no breeze .    In other words the temperature inside is more stable.

But what we have really noticed is how  quickly the air-conditioner brings up the inside temperature.  And that’s important because it reduces the power demand.


Mike Johnson


Dear Peter and Tim

Having now had a few weeks to evaluate the polyurethane spray underfloor insulation my initial observations have proven to be correct.

As our home was pole home with an expansive and very high underfloor space our thoughts, and as I recall, your thoughts, were that the inability to  keep he home warm without extensive use of the ducted air conditioner was due to the air movement under the floor and through gaps in the existing underfloor polystyrene batts., creating draughts which resulted in rapid cooling of the wood floors, particularly at night.

The polyurethane spray has clearly “sealed” the underfloor and we now experience a much more comfortable environment, with much lower use of our 14 Kilowatt ducted air-conditioner.  The feeling that we now have a much more comfortable environment  is supported by the following evidence.

  1. In the last week  where the hill’s overnight temperature ranged from as low as 5 degrees to  9 degrees, the internal house temperature has never dropped below 15 degrees.  Previously it has dropped to as low as 12 degrees.
  2. The time it takes the air-conditioner to bring the main living area (which is 70 square metres with a 3.5 metre vaulted ceiling ) from 15 degrees to a comfortable 19 degrees is about 90 minutes.
  3. In that same period the air-conditioner power consumption drops from a high of 7.5 kilowatts to 3 kilowatts.
  4. Once the room temperature of 22 degrees is reached air-conditioner can maintain that temperature drawing less than 2 kilowatts and that’s when the outside temperature has dropped to about 10 degrees.

So the evidence is pretty conclusive –  the product does really work.

And once again, we know our job was more difficult and time consuming because of the need for trestles and ladders to reach our high underfloor and the fact that you did this extra work within  your “normal” rate was very much appreciated.

We are more than happy for you to post this with your testimonials.

Kind regards

Mike and Jenny Johnson

Mt Richon