Long-lasting and durable tank liners

Throughout the course of their lifetime, tanks can suffer a whole lot of wear and tear. An out of service tank, however, is not ideal for a business of any size. Time lost equals money lost equals profits lost. Ensuring that your tank is adequately lined with a quality product helps to keep it in service for longer, minimising any chance of downtime.

At Tate’s Coating Services, we have a range of various elastomer products that can be applied to line your tank, providing an effective solution that is safe for drinking water and that will last for years.


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    A range of quality elastomer tank liner products

    Tanks require a new lining when the old linings inside become damaged. Interior damage of a tank can cause the tank to rust, which will ultimately lead to a leaking tank in the not too distant future.  Elastomeric polyurethane is a premium spray lining that can be applied to the inside of tanks quickly and easily. As a tank lining solution, elastomer offers effective protection against various chemicals along with many other benefits including:

    Splash and spillage resistant

    Sets at low temperatures

    Can be applied at various thicknesses

    Durable and long-lasting

    Suitable for potable water if required

    Durable and Long-lasting Tank Liners

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