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Commercial Insulation Perth

Commercial Insulation Perth

Tate’s Coating Services offers a focused range of products and services for various specialised industries. With over 25 years’ experience, we specialise in polyurethane foam applications and industrial wear resistant coatings. Our experience comes from completing projects for the marine and commercial fishing industries, intensive agriculture, mining and refinery applications, designing and engineering systems for manufacturing processes and transport industries.

We will tackle any project you want done. These are our key areas of  production:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Spray-on insulation
  • Injected insulation
  • Sand blasting
  • Industrial wear resistant coatings
  • Marine floatation/insulation
  • Seamless coating application
  • Chemical resistance

What is polyurethane (PU)?

Polyurethane is a plastic formed by mixing two chemicals together.  Foams can be spray-applied or injected to suit many commercial insulation/protective coating applications and manufacturing needs. From industrial chemical storage tanks to poultry sheds, its uses are many and varied.

Benefits of commercial and industrial insulation

There are a number of reasons how insulation can benefit your infrastructure.

  • Insulation controls the surface temperature of equipment and piping to a safer level, which prevents worker injuries and downtime due to a safer work environment.
  • Save costs in energy by reducing heat loss or gain.

Insulation can help control noise levels by encasing a noisy commercial environment and forming a soundproof barrier between the noise source and the surrounding environment.

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