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Shed Insulation Services

Shed Insulation Services

At Tate’s Coating Services we specialise in the installation of polyurethane spray foam insulation. Our experienced team can assist you with your wall, floor, ceiling and roof insulation resulting in a more comfortable climate, sound control and even a reduction in your electricity bills.With a superior product, when you choose us for your domestic or commercial project, you can be assured you will be getting excellent service with high quality results. Having an outdoor shed is essential for many Australians, and with our shed insulation service we can make your outdoor retreat a place that is more enticing to work in, all year round.

Shed Insulation for Climate Control

Sheds of all shapes and sizes will gain an advantage when polyurethane spray foam insulation is installed. This could include garden sheds, workshops, farm sheds or even rumpus rooms. When you consider the extreme weather temperatures we often encounter in Australia, it is not always practical to spend time in an unprotected tin shed if it is too hot or too cold.These temperatures not only impact those who are utilising the shed, but the items that are stored within. Often sheds are a home to boats, tools, electrical equipment and other expensive goods that need to be cared for. With shed insulation the climate inside your shed will be more manageable and your stored possessions will have a reduced risk of being damaged due to weather.

Additional Benefits

In addition to climate control, our insulation has additional benefits when installed in any type of shed. As a highly durable product, our polyurethane spray foam has waterproofing properties. This is particularly useful in reducing leakage and keeping your workspace dry and free from moisture.We can assist you in creating an area that is soundproof giving tradespeople, bands and those who like to work from home peace of mind that they are not creating a disturbance. Our spray foam is fire retardent and with all of these added benefits it makes sense to invest in this long lasting improvement.

Why Choose Polyurethane Spray Foam

Our spray foam insulation is unique as it is sprayed on as a foam formula before it sets. Due to this application technique the product can penetrate into any cracks meaning more area is covered. Our foam can be used during or after construction and will outlast many of its competitors. In addition to our shed insulation service, we can use our foam in ceilings, underfloor and walls.Spray foam should only ever be installed by a professional, and when you choose our Perth based company you will be impressed by our extensive knowledge and workplace efficiency.

Who We Are

20 years ago, Tate’s Coating Services was founded by Peter Tate, who is still at the head of the company today. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and our friendly staff are available to discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote. Please contact us today to discover more about this cost effective solution that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether it is your backyard shed or a commercial workspace, we can guide you through the insulation process.