Having your Perth home insulated might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it is something worth considering. The right insulation could save you money and will make your home more environmentally friendly. It isn’t just new homes that can benefit from insulation, as often older properties have aged solutions that are not as efficient as they could be.

When deciding whether or not new insulation in the walls, ceiling, and underfloors could make a difference, there are a few things to think about. Look at the age of your home, the cost of your utility bills, and the performance of your heating or cooling on days of extreme temperatures.

So, Just How Much Money Can You Save With The Right Home Insulation In Perth?

Save Money in Summer

In summer, the climate in Perth can heat up and you may feel as though your air conditioner is struggling to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Without insulation in your ceiling you could be attracting an additional 35% of heat from the sun than you otherwise would. When you consider how expensive power bills can be during the warmer months, it is clear that making your air con work harder will add to your power bill.

When you add or upgrade the wall, ceiling, and underfloor insulation you could save up to 50% on your cooling costs. Your investment will begin paying off immediately.

Save Money in Winter

Insulation isn’t only effective in summer.  During the cooler months heating can be expensive to run, and this might leave you shivering under a blanket. Fortunately, insulation can make a real difference to your home in Perth. When your home is more sustainable, the ambient temperature is more maintainable, so you can have the heating on for a shorter period.

You could be saving between 30-50% on your heating costs, when you choose a quality insulation product. The results will be felt immediately inside your home and you might even be able to set the heater to a lower setting.

The Right Insulation

Not all insulation will give you the same results, and we recommend our unique polyurethane spray foam insulation. Traditional products can deteriorate over time as they have to contend with rodents, water, and dust. Our spray foam insulation is durable and long lasting, and will reach any crevices that would otherwise be missed.

When more of the surface area is insulated, less hot or cold air will be able to escape. In addition to boosting the performance of your heating and cooling, this insulation has waterproofing, soundproofing, and fire-resistant properties. It is important to note that this should always be applied by a professional.

Supporting Your Insulation

Owners of both new builds and existing homes should be conscious of their choice of insulation. Do your research because an inferior solution could have a direct impact on your power bills now, and into the future. In addition to our polyurethane spray foam we suggest you implement a few other energy saving strategies.

Indoor and outdoor blinds, tinted windows, verandahs, and the filling of any cracks will help to maintain the comfort of your home. Clean any filters relating to your heating and cooling, and consider adding ceiling fans which are inexpensive to run. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, as you can produce your own power, and reduce those nasty electricity bills.

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