Are you wondering about the cost of having your home insulated with spray foam insulation?

Good insulation in the home can reduce your power costs immediately and over time, make your home more comfortable in every season, and even improve the air quality in your home. It helps to keep all this in mind when you’re choosing to budget to use Spray Foam Insulation.   

There’s a lot of information out there on the costs of spray foam insulation, but the truth is that the price can vary depending on unique features in your home. Here are 4 ways that your home increases the cost of your home insulation.

1. Home Size

The cost of Spray Foam Insulation really depends on the size of the job and volume of material that will be required.  Naturally, smaller homes require less insulation materials and labour time to install. Having multiple levels will also impact your insulation costs due to safe work measures and logistics, so make sure you factor these features in when you’re making your budget.

2. Efficiency Ratings

As consideration moves towards making a home more energy efficient and lowering power bills, R Ratings come into the conversation.  Guidelines for new builds demand higher ratings than already built homes.  Some localities also require certain “fire ratings”.  This may call for either specific products or thicker applications of foam to be compliant to Australian building codes.

3. Location

If you live outside of the metro area, then it may be more expensive to have spray foam installed in your home. The added distance means that your installer may have to book an overnight trip away to complete the job and this will add to the cost.

4. Wall/Cladding

Application of Spray Foam in home that is in construction is much simpler and can reduce the cost of installation.  If you can get your wall insulation fitted while the house is still under construction, then your installer will have unrestricted access to all of the house’s spaces, bringing down labour costs.  Retrofitting insulation is possible.  A good way to get around this with an older home is to focus on installing insulation to the underfloor or in the ceiling. This type of insulation can usually still be easily installed in new builds and older homes.

The Takeaway

Which of these 4 factors will impact your spray foam insulation costs? The best to really know the cost of installing insulation is to ask an expert. And you’ll find all the expertise you could ever want at Tates Coating Services.

At Tates Coating Services, we’ve been installing spray foam insulation and protective polyurethane coatings since the 1980s. We’ve worked with homeowners around Australia as well as with some big names like BHP, FMG, CBH, Modular Homes, Fleetwood Homes, Evoke Living, IGA, Coerco Tanks and BGC to name just a few.

So, when it’s time to make your home more comfortable in every season, contact our friendly team for a home insulation quote.