Your roof insulation may not be something you think about often, but it is an essential part of any home. Just because there is existing insulation it doesn’t necessarily mean it is working efficiently. Knowing whether or not you should top up or replace your insulation can be a hard decision, but ignoring inferior insulation could be having a direct impact on your property:

Why Insulation Matters

Insulation can be used in a variety of locations including the roof, flooring and walls. The right roof insulation will be able to act as a barrier, keeping the hot air in during winter, and the cool air in during summer. Having a more consistent indoor climate will result in cheaper power bills, something which we are all conscious of right now! In addition to temperature control, insulation can be used for soundproofing.

Checking Your Insulation

To determine whether your roof insulation is performing as it should you may need to do some investigating. If your home is over 15 years old, or you have noticed it is getting hotter during the summer months, it could be time for some insulation maintenance. To learn more about the condition of the existing product, you may like to call in a professional for an assessment. Alternatively, if you are confident you can venture into your roof to look for warning signs, but be careful not to breathe in any dust.

When To Top It Up

Sometimes, your roof insulation can be saved by simply adding some extra product. If you do notice any gaps or thinning, it won’t be working as well as it could be. This is only a viable option if there is no damage. Sometimes older homes will have substandard insulation and you may prefer to replace it with something more modern.

When To Replace With New

The inside of your roof is not always the prettiest place, and your insulation might suffer over the course of time. If there are any damp spots or mould, the best option is to remove it and start again. Rodents and pests can cause damage to your insulation, and if this is the case it should be replaced. Not only do these factors stop the product from reaching its full potential, but could pose a health risk to your family.

The Polyurethane Difference

If you are considering replacing your old roof insulation, you don’t have to stick to the traditional batts as there are other options. Polyurethane foam is an innovative way to insulate your home, with no gaps for air to escape, and a longer lifespan. The secret is in the application, which should always be done by a trained professional. This sprays on as a liquid foam, allowing it to mould into any grooves or gaps before setting. This is a safe option which will change the way you see insulation.

If your roof insulation is looking a little worse for wear, it should either be replaced or given a top up. Either way, by maintaining your insulation you will have a more comfortable living environment, which is a must in Perth with rising energy prices and extreme weather conditions. Contact us today for a quote.