The Most Essential Spray Foam Insulation: How Long Does Spray Foam Insulation Really Last?

Your home’s insulation serves many essential purposes. Most importantly, it helps prevent energy from escaping, strengthens the walls of buildings, and acts as another barrier against strong winds or pests.

While you may not often think about it, every part of your home will eventually need replacement. Your roof, windows, plumbing, and more need replacing at set times because age naturally deteriorates things. This means your insulation will eventually need replacing, too.

But how long does spray foam insulation last? What can affect the expected life span of this insulation type?  How can you choose the right type of contractor to do your spray foam insulation?

To start, let’s dive into spray foam insulation facts to answer these crucial questions.

How Long Does Spray Foam Insulation Last?

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, spray foam lasts around 80 years when applied correctly. This means you won’t have to think about replacing your spray foam insulation more than once in a lifetime. Some insulation can even last a bit longer than eight decades. However, there are a few things can affect the life expectancy of any type of insulation.

What Can Affect the Life Span of your Insulation?

Most modern insulation types (including spray foam) are designed to resist weather and humidity. This is excellent news for anyone living in WA, where both can be a major issue.

However, all insulation types are prone to water damage. This means you should always have your spray foam insulation professionally inspected after a significant flooding event or if your roof has been damaged.

Roof leaks can cause water damage to spread throughout your home, including inside your walls. Over time, these leaks will encourage the growth of mould. This mould can corrode the interior and exterior of spray foam insulation.

Thankfully, spray foam insulation is excellent at sealing air leaks and preventing water leaks. It’s also good at preventing mould growth, meaning it takes a lot more water and time for significant damage to occur.

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Air leaks and punctures in the insulation can make any damage more likely to occur. And this type of damage often occurs because of faulty installations. That’s why you should only have your spray foam insulation installed by trusted professionals. When choosing a spray foam insulation contractor, look for one with years of experience and a solid reputation for doing high-quality work.

How To Choose the Best Insulation Contractor

Choosing professional spray foam insulation installation is the best way to ensure your insulation lasts for its expected life span and even keeps going for a few years more. At Tates Coating Services, we’ve been installing spray foam insulation and protective polyurethane coatings since the 1980s.

From spray insulation to protective coatings, we’ve worked with clients big and small across various industries. Commercial, industrial, domestic or marine, our past clients include BHP, BGC, ALCOA, FMG, McDonald’s, IGA, and Kailis Marine to name a few.

Let us help you with your next insulation project to ensure it’s done right the first time. Our fully trained and safety compliant staff are here to offer you free information, free advice, or a free quote. Request a free quote online today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.