Winter is in full swing and the weather has made us reach for our Ugg boots. Heating costs can be a major expense in your household budget as electricity prices continue to rise. 

Unfortunately, your heating may not be working as effectively as it should be and you could be unknowingly letting in the cold. With a few simple strategies you could maintain a more comfortable room temperature for many winters to come: 

Check Your Insulation

Correctly installed insulation is the number one way to keep the climate within your home more stable. This isn’t only recommended for the roof, but the walls and under floors too. Hot air can quickly escape from these areas, making your heating efforts a losing battle. Even if you currently have insulation, it could be aged, cracked, or damaged so it is worth investigating.

At Tates Coating Services we use a specially designed polyurethane spray on foam which works hard to fill any gaps, creating a tighter seal. This can be applied to new or existing properties and is a long lasting and high-quality solution. Our spray foam insulation sets quickly and our professional team is available for jobs both big and small in the Perth and country regions.

Look for Draughts

There are a few common spots in the home which are prone to draughts. This is where cold, or hot air can get in, and it only takes a small gap for you to notice a difference. Winter is a good time to check for draughts, as on a cold night you will noticeably feel the chill coming in. 

Check around any air vents, exhaust fans, skirting boards, doors, and fireplaces and you might just discover a culprit or two. Sealing draughts will also help you in the hotter months when you have the air conditioner blasting. A door draught stopper is a cheap and convenient option for under doors.

Don’t Forget the Windows 

If you have ever put your hand on a window on a wintery night, you may have noticed it is cold to the touch. Windows don’t have to be a lost cause as there are a number of ways to make them more energy friendly. It might sound obvious, but when the heater is on make sure they are closed and that they are sealed tightly. Sometimes windows may have moved or not been fitted properly which allows air to escape around the edges. 

Glazed window treatments are an option you may like to consider, as this can increase the efficiency without sacrificing the view. 

Thick blinds or curtains will also work well on your windows, and can be customised to suit the style of your home. 

If you are looking to maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home and reduce your electricity bills, insulation should be on the top of your list. With all the advantages of our spray on polyurethane foam, installing this product makes sense. 

If you would like to learn more about our services for either domestic or commercial purposes, please contact us today.