Are you thinking about DIYing your home insulation? Think that it could save you a bunch and still get you all the climate controlling, air freshening, power bill lowering benefits of spray foam insulation? Well, perhaps you may want to read this first.

The truth is that it is possible for you to save money by doing your spray foam insulation by yourself. But before you do so, here’s the truth about DIY home insulation.

About DIY Spray Foam

You can purchase spray foam insulation kits from reputable providers and they’re more affordable than hiring an expert installer. A 40L Polyurethane Foam Mix Kit will cost around $900-$1000 as a retail product.

These take-home kits usually include:

  • Quick-cure polyurethane foam
  • A dispensing spray gun
  • An ISO (A) cylinder
  • Spray fan nozzles
  • Polyol (B) cylinder
  • Cone spray nozzles
  • A gun hose

A standard kit should allow you to insulate an area of 18.6m² at a thickness of 25mm.

The Downside of Spray Kits

It’s possible that using an insulation spray kit will save you money on insulating your home, but there are also a couple of downsides to going this route. Some drawbacks to DIYing your home insulation are:

  • It will take considerably more time, especially if you’re insulating a large area
  • The chemicals in the kits are harmful if mixed incorrectly, so make sure you read all instructions carefully because it’s an unforgiving product and easily wassted.
  • If you aren’t an insulation expert or the insulation job is complicated, then you may end up with substandard insulation

Next Steps

So, do you think that you have the time and skills to DIY your home insulation? This could allow you to enjoy more comfortable temperatures year-round as well as help you save on your energy bills.  The eventual benefits are worth the hard work involved, but if you want to DIY your home insulation, then make sure that you talk to us first and chat about safety. Here at Tates Coating Services, we have more than 40 years of experience in the home insulation business. That’s why we can guide you in finding the safest, easiest, and most effective DIY home insulation solution for your home.

Contact our team today for DIY spray foam insulation help and advice.