Whether it is your Man Cave, Mum’s Escape, Work Den, Guest House, or Teenage Retreat, your rumpus room is a getaway from the rest of the home. The space can be used for just about anything, but if it isn’t comfortable no one will want to stay there for very long. That’s where insulating it comes in. 

Insulation has numerous benefits, and isn’t just for your main property. Our polyurethane foam insulation can be installed to new or existing structures, and your rumpus room will be instantly improved with this service:

These Are The Benefits Of Insulating Your Special Space

Insulating Will Keep the Sound In…Or Out!

One thing our polyurethane foam spray insulation can do really well is soundproofing. So, your child plays the drums? Maybe Dad likes to listen to ZZ Top on full volume to wind down on a Friday night. Or perhaps it is your media room and you want to reduce echoing while blocking out the barking from your neighbour’s dog. 

If you want to keep the noise in, or out, insulating your man cave is a worthwhile investment.  The acoustic properties of our product will make your man cave more sound happy for you, and everyone around you.

Get Comfortable

The weather can be fickle, and there is a big chunk of the year where we see temperatures either too hot, or too cold. Your rumpus room heating or cooling will be ineffective without insulation, making you run indoors where it is more pleasant.

Insulation will stop the hot and cool air escaping, which means your climate control efforts will be more worthwhile. This could even help your power bill. On those hot days, and cold nights you will still be able to make the most of your external room. 

Our polyurethane spray foam can be applied in the walls, ceiling, and underfloor. Due to the way we install the product it can fit into compact areas that normal insulation can’t reach. 

Don’t forget to fill in any cracks, plant shady trees, and install blinds to support your insulation.

Protect Your Structure

Any building can be subject to moisture, mould, and leaks, but our unique insulation can help to combat this. With a lifespan of at least 30 years, your structure will be waterproof for longer as the surfaces are coated and protected. As an added benefit it is fire retardant for your peace of mind.

Mould can damage your paint and is unhealthy to breathe in. When you combine our insulation with adequate ventilation you will have a safer, and better looking man cave!

At Tate’s Coating Services we can insulate just about anything. We are located in Perth and service the WA region. Sheds, domestic properties, commercial buildings, and rumpus rooms are just a few of our common requests. 

If you would like to maintain your room temperature, potentially reduce your utility bills, protect against moisture, and soundproof a space, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about our innovative polyurethane spray foam insulation. It is applied quickly and expertly by our professional team, and it will start working its magic straight away.