The floors in your home or office are responsible for 10-20% of heat loss. If you’ve got floorboards, expect that figure to be even higher. Uninsulated floors also let heat in, which can be a big problem living in Western Australia’s climate.

Underfloor insulation is a cost-effective, simple solution that will improve heat efficiency significantly. However, reducing energy bills is just one reason to insulate below the floor. Keep reading to get 7 benefits of underfloor insulation in Australia.

  1. Reduce moisture

Some rooms are prone to moisture, especially if you have wooden floors. Underfloor insulation will create a vapor barrier that stops moisture in its tracks. Not only does a moisture-free home stop the onset of mould, it also reduces the likelihood of floorboards rotting or warping over time.

  1. Help the planet

When it comes to conserving natural resources, every little effort helps. Fitting a home or office with eco-friendly underfloor insulation reduces reliance on artificial heating and cooling.

Our polyurethane spray foam insulation is safe, long-lasting, and non-ozone depleting. A solution that ticks all the enviro-friendly boxes.

  1. Protect against old floorboards

In older buildings, it’s not uncommon to find damaged floorboards. Small holes and unwanted cracks are super-inefficient, allowing access to cold and hot air. A layer of polyurethane insulation is a guaranteed solution, ideal for preventing the elements.

  1. Save on energy bills

Regulating temperature extremes will reduce the need for heaters in the cooler months and air conditioning when it’s hot. Gas and electricity costs will decrease, allowing you to recoup your initial investment in insulation.

  1. Reduce noise pollution

Want to shut out noise from the room below, insulation will do a great job. Not only can you stop the noise from getting in, but you can also reduce the noise getting out.

  1. Enjoy health benefits

For anyone that suffers from allergies and asthma, underfloor insulation is well worth the investment. It will act as a barrier, stopping unwanted dust and other pollutants in their tracks. If you have a sub-level garage, insulation will also stop car exhaust fumes from getting in.

  1. Thermal efficiency

Underfloor insulation acts as a barrier to heat extremes, helping to provide a comfortable climate year-round. Whether it’s a scorching summer or an unseasonably chilly winter, it won’t hit as hard.

Summing up

When it comes to energy efficiency, insulating the walls, ceiling and roof is a no-brainer. By insulating below the floor as well, you’ll improve efficiency and enjoy a comfortable environment any time of year.

Choosing the right type of insulation is an important consideration. While traditional solutions like batts will provide some benefits, spray-applied polyurethane foam is vastly superior. It will last over 50 years and add integrity to the structure; polyurethane spray foam also gets into difficult-to-reach areas and is more energy-efficient to produce.

Installing underfloor insulation makes sense, for home or office. If you’re in the Perth area, then contact us today for a free quote. Our specialist team has over 25 years’ experience in the industry and we’re happy to assist.