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Protective coating

Protective coating

Waterproofing spray and protective coating products

Tate’s Coating Services provides installation of a variety of polyurethane protective coating products. Our extensive experience and expertise with these high-performance products enables us to apply them to a diverse range of applications. They are spray-applied, flexible, and made using a plural component elastomer, which consists of excellent physical properties. If you are looking for waterproof spray for your home or office, there is no better product; it is cost effective, easy to apply and suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Enquire today for a no-obligation quote. All our protective coating products have strong wear, and are impact and tear resistant. They are used every day across a wide range of industries, from construction, manufacturing, mining and petroleum, to the transportation and marine industries.

The range of applications for our services includes:

  • Protective coatings
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Wear resistant coatings
  • Abrasion resistant coatings
  • Chemical resistant coatings
  • Impact resistant coating
  • Waterproofing spray
  • Containment over geotextile fabric
  • Potable water coatings
  • Fireproof coatings
  • Chutes
  • Spill areas
  • Tank liners
  • Water, and waste water treatment plants
  • Water storage reservoirs
  • Mineral/chemical process plants
  • Food processing plants
In addition to the above, we have the experience and knowledge to find a solution to any of your coating needs. The advantage of using polyurethane protective coatings is the strength and flexibility of the product. It can be incredibly resistant to abrasions, but also flexible enough to adhere to substrates in spite of contraction and expansion, which can occur with temperature changes. An additional advantage is its resistance to most chemicals, making it ideal for spill areas or tank liners. We also have products suitable for potable water containers.

Eco-friendly products with a lifespan of 30 to 50 years

Elastomeric coatings, also known as Polyurea, is a premium spray-applied lining that can be applied at virtually any thickness over almost any substrate. It is certified for contact with potable water and is frequently specified as the premium water pipe lining. Polyurethane has a low permeability rate and expected lifespan of 30 to 50 years. Another advantage of our polyurethane protective coatings is the environmentally friendly nature of our products; they do not contain solvents and do not release volatile organic contents (VOC’s) into the atmosphere.

Corrosion, abrasion and impact resistant products

Our polyurethane products are often used for secondary containment, providing the highest levels of corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance for companies around the world. It is more suited than any other material for creating a pinhole-free lining over sparred and degraded concrete with an exposed aggregate. Whether it be secondary containment, a tank floor or any other uneven surface, elastomeric polyurethane is far more cost effective and functional than resurfacing with concrete and protecting with a thin-film lining. Its elasticity alone is one of the key reasons it is recommended when considering concrete’s expansion/contraction. Our waterproofing foam is exceptionally effective and easy to apply, making it one of our most popular products. The potential applications are virtually unlimited for any business serious about protecting and prolonging the life of its assets. Prolong the life of your assets with our exceptional range of poly protective coating products. Contact Tate’s Coating Services for a quote.