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Tate’s Coating Services has vast experience in wheat silo spraying. Peter Tate the founder of Tate’s Coating Services first started plying his trade over 20 years ago spraying wheat silos. Tate’s Coating Services offers spray applied polyurethane foam which can offer the ideal seamless and air tight seal required. It has the benefit of being able to reach difficult areas and to be applied at the desired thickness required by the client.

Tate’s Coating Services are a fully mobile entity servicing wheat silos Australia wide. We possess all the relevant licensing and permits required to begin work on any site across Australia.

Advantages –

  • Seamless Application
  • Create air tight seal
  • Spray applied, simply get into hard to reach areas and desired thicknesses
  • Fully mobile Australia wide
  • site ready -work permits, licenses etc.
  • experience- began applying his trade on wheat silos
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