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Tate’s Coating Services can take on any sized water proofing jobs. Tate’s Coating Services elastomer coatings have an extremely long service life and high puncture & impact resistance, far exceeding EPDM liners. Polyurethane coatings provide a completely seamless water proofing barrier which will prevent leaching in either direction from support structures such as concrete, steel, fibreglass, or treated wood. Using spray applied elastomer coatings Tate’s Coating Services can provide water proofing solutions for projects such as:

  • blinding slabs
  • retaining walls
  • roof decking
  • tank lining
  • Floor decking
  • Ramps
  • Podiums
  • Car Parks
  • planter boxes
  • Fish ponds

Some of the advantages of using Tate’s Coating Services elastomer coatings are:

  • Fast installation – can be ready for use after only a few hours
  • Monolithic finish – no welds, laps or seams
  • Excellent wear resistance and long term durability
  • UV Resistant finishes
  • Resistant to fuels, battery acid, alkaline cleaners
  • Attractive appearance with very low dirt retention
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Relatively insensitive to moisture, ambient temperatures and weather changes
  • Superior durability
  • Added flexibility for natural movement within materials
  • Can be applied at almost any thickness in multiple coats
  • excellent physical properties; tensile strength, flexibility, wear resistance, and adhesion
  • Contains no solvents or VOCs, and it is low odour
  • Seamless application, no joins or gaps that water can penetrate
  • Sprayed on site and in remote locations

Click here to view our Polyurea Coating and Lining video.

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