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Tate’s Coating Services provides ideal insulation solutions for commercial buildings. The product can be easily spray applied onto any surface and offers an adhering rigid insulation that will perform at optimum levels eliminating any condensation or mould issues, reduce energy costs to heat or cool your area and help maintain a comfortable working environment.

Tate’s Coating has had experience with a number of commercial projects in various stages from construction through to retrofitting. The polyurethane foam used is a perfect solution to any condensation that may be produced by an above cool-room or even better to prevent any condensation causing an issue in the first place.

Warehouses, office buildings and retail stores are all examples of venues that would benefit from the installation of polyurethane foam insulation from all the above mentioned benefits and more such as noise control, dust prevention and a long lasting product the will be efficient in any climate, hot cold or humid.

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