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At Tates Coating Services we understand the benefits of pipe and ‘pipe in pipe’ insulation. At our workshop in Welshpool, WA, we are experienced in pipe injection using polyurethane foam for the purpose of insulation and maintaining extreme cold temperatures.

We also have experience in the installation of trench breakers for the purpose of preventing water tracking a pipeline when buried in the ground. The foam forces the water to the surface and prevents erosion around the pipeline. Once buried the foam will not break down or be affected by water.

Our team have a vast amount of experience in both the mining, manufacturing and construction industries. Contact us today for a free quote, information or advice.


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    The benefits of pipe and pipe in pipe insulation

    Polyurethane is used to help maintain or conserve heat or cold in pipes or as a solution of excess moisture or condensation. There are many benefits to pipe insulation.  In the mining sector pipe insulation is used to cope with extreme temperatures of pipes carrying liquids or gases. In the commercial sector, copper pipes for cool rooms and freezers often require insulating. Polyurethane spray foam is an ideal solution in these cases. At Tate’s Coating Services we provide a cost-effective solution that includes:

    Spray foam which can be injected into pipe cladding

    Sectional pipe insulation

    In house or on location application

    Pipe insulation - Trench Breakers - Pipe in Pipe Insulation

    Why polyurethane is the best
    product for pipe insulation

    Polyurethane has been the #1 product for refrigeration insulation for many decades.  It has the lowest thermal conductivity compared to other insulations. It also guarantees a superior airtightness and is less likely to deteriorate over time when compared to other insulation solutions.

    Polyurethane foam is a cost-effective and durable option for insulating:

    Oil and gas pipelines

    Heating pipelines

    Plumbing pipelines

    Dairy factory pipelines

    Mining pipelines

    Powerplant pipelines

    Chemical factory pipelines


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