Is spray foam insulation better than batt?

With modern technology and advancements, things today change fast. And the insulation industry is no different from others.

Over the years there have been many different insulation products and solutions come to the market. From Earthwool insulation batts to rigid board insulation and foil insulation, researching the advantages and disadvantages of all these products can be time-consuming.

At Tate’s Coating Services, we’ve been around for a while. And so we have the experience and vast product knowledge to be able to advise on what is the best insulation product out there, for you.


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    Spray Form Insulation Vs Earthwool Insulation Batts
    New Methods
    Spray Form Insulation Vs Earthwool Insulation Batts
    Old Methods

    Polyurethane spray foam insulation VS traditional insulation solutions

    When you want to insulate your home or business or project, creating an environment that reduces or stops airflow within a cavity is going to give you the best results. Any little crack or opportunity for moisture, noise, heat loss, or draughts, compromises why you’re insulating in the first place. That’s why at Tate’s Coating Services we choose to insulate with polyurethane spray foam.

    It will outlast any insulation that relies on tape and staples to hold it together

    It adds to the structural integrity of the structure

    It is able to get into difficult to reach areas ensuring greater coverage

    It continues to save you money beyond the payback period

    It will last for 50+ years

    The energy costs to manufacture PU is less than the cost of traditional solutions

    This makes it the more energy-efficient and eco-friendly insulation option, outperforming Earthwool insulation batts, foil insulation, and rigid board insulation in energy efficiency and value for money.


    The advantages of polyurethane
    spray foam insulation

    Polyurethane spray foam insulation is a vastly superior product when compared to older forms of insulation such as board insulation, Earthwool insulation batts, and foil insulation.

    It’s advantages include:

    Eco-friendly, safe, and energy efficient

    Creates an airtight seal in one step

    Durable and long-lasting with a product lifespan of 30 to 50 years

    Can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible

    Excellent at insulating around building details such as light fixtures and trusses and difficult to reach areas

    Easy to install during the construction phase as well as retrofitted to an existing structure

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