From time to time we find renovations are not completely and/or properly insulated. Originally the home in this renovation had been insulated with fibreglass batts on the ceiling of their 2nd storey extension. In just a few years the insulation had slumped to a level below the ceiling rafters. On inspection of their performance, the owner discovered that some areas had not been insulated at all. After removing the existing insulation himself, we installed 150mm of open cell foam, filling all the voids, completely covering the ceiling and thereby creating a sealed envelope within his house. This rather savvy energy saving home owner was able to determine the efficiency of his previous insulation with a thermal imaging App on his phone which also revealed all the areas where the insulation as inadequate. After the installation of our product, together with our own thermal imaging camera, he could tell that all areas of the ceiling were insulated and the efficiency of the product applied. Needless to say, our client was more than satisfied that the job done was going to always give him the coverage and efficiency he, and anyone, would expect when they install insulation. The proof was in the hands of the householder.