Spray Foam Insulation of Fishing trawler

Here we are at Fremantle Boat Lifters in Fremantle W.A.

For over 25 years Tate’s Coating Services has seen to the insulation of freezer holds of fishing trawlers of our local fishing industry. We use Polyurethane Spray foam insulation. Imagine, their giant walk in freezers. Within the belly of the trawler is held the bounty of several weeks of constant catches off the W.A. coast. These freezer holds need to be incredibly efficient, durable, water tight, light in weight and long lasting.

Enter stage right and the superior efficiency of Polyurethane Spray Foam and Elastomers applied by Tate’s Coating Services.

Tates Coating Services uses a superior system of application and installation for the fishing industry. Assuring more efficiency and a longer lasting life for the freezer hold. There is assurity that they can be a sea for a long length of time and the freshness of the “catch” will not be compromised.

It is an honour to have served this industry for so many years.

What Spray Foam insulation can do for you?

Are you aware your household refrigerator also contains our product? Polyurethane Spray foam creates a thermal barrier to allow a fridge to maintain the required temperature required.

Imagine the impact that spray foam insulation would have on your house, office, work place. You could install it in your roof space, wall space or under floors.
Does it need to feel like a freezer? No, not really but here is the point.
The nature of this product is to create a sealed environment. This environment maintains a constant ambient temperature in the building.
This reduces energy costs and energy cost is effective immediately.
Much like solar panels, this form of insulation continues to save you money for the lifetime of the building.

No having to replace your insulation. You are insulated for life.
You are saving money and you are supporting the environment.
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