The Legal Requirements for Fireproofing Insulation

In Australia the risk of fire is real, and we are educated from a young age about the dangers associated with it. There are a range of requirements in WA when building a structure as part of the DFES Building Plan Assessment, and these are continually changing. At the very least, homes must have compulsory smoke alarms installed and a clear plan of what to do in case of emergency. Other homes and businesses go one step further by fireproofing the surface of different materials such as foam, aluminium and steel to give them added protection. No matter what your requirements or legal obligations are, we can help. We stay up to date with developing products and changes to fireproofing regulations and requirements so that you can rest easy.


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    Why Fire Retardant Spray Foam Insulation is so Important

    It can happen in the blink of an eye – a tiny little spark that creates a roaring blaze in no time. And standard spray foam insulation is not automatically a fire preventative solution.In the event of a structure being engulfed in fire, older formulations of spray foam insulation which is not fire retarded will easily burn. Quickly making a dangerous situation potentially disastrous.

    At Tate’s Coating Services however, we use fire retarded spray foam. In the event of a fire, our fire retarded foam system will not add to the fuel load of a building. Instead, it simply smoulders and extinguishes itself. We use a fire retarded foam that is:

    Self-extinguishing once the source of the fire is removed

    Will not add to the fuel load of a building

    Free from asbestos and formaldehyde

    Extensively tested, including both thermal and ignition barrier tests

    Meets all of the self-extinguishing requirements of spray foam insulation

    Fully compliant with fire safety requirements according to building codes.

    Remedies are available for older formulations of spray applied foams

    Tates Coating-Fireproofing Insulation

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