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Domestic Solutions

Domestic Solutions

Domestic Insulation Perth

Tate’s Coating services is a specialist in insulation spray foam that will help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Polyurethane foam insulation is highly effective in reducing the amount of energy used in buildings and reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. It is a very important part of efficient thermal design and an effective way to work towards sustainable living. One of the simplest and most cost efficient ways of improving the energy efficiency of your home is to insulate not just your ceilings but your walls and floors too. Meeting a more comfortable internal temperature regardless of the temperature outside, is easier and more efficient when your home is properly insulated. Polyurethane (PU) foam is a premium insulant, and we can bring it to your door.

Spray foam insulation

Did you know that in one year alone, Foam Sprayed Insulation (FSI) customers reduced CO2 emissions by 549,817mt? Typically, the ideal time to apply spray foam insulation is during the construction phase. However, in most cases PU can be retrofitted to existing home insulation. Several kinds of foam can be sprayed according to where they are best suited. Open cel foam is a lower density polyurethane foam that also exhibits great acoustic properties as well. Closed cell foam is a higher density and almost completely impermeable to water. Closed cell polyurethane foam offers your best insulation solution per inch, so ideal in tight spaces. Closed cell foam can also offer increased structural integrity when installed.

The ‘R’ value

This is a measure of thermal resistance, however only takes into account conduction and no inclusion of convection. The ‘R’ value of conventional fibreglass insulation is measured in a perfect environment. When fibre glass insulation is applied to a house, due to airflow and subsequent leakage, the efficiency of the batt is compromised and thus delivers a smaller ‘R’ value than its original form. Polyurethane on the other hand maintains its thermal properties throughout its life and upon application, creates an envelope of the building. This forms a seal and consequently reduces airflow dramatically ensuring that the ‘R’ value is true and permanent. For this reason it is not necessary to spray PU to the same thickness of a batt to achieve the required ‘R’ value. For Further information explaining the myth of R-values please click here.

Further benefits of using PU

PU is a product that is environmentally-friendly and a more efficient insulator over traditional insulation materials. Unlike cellulose or fiber batts, its efficiency or ‘R’ value is not affected by ambient conditions. There are many advantages of using PU in buildings and you may be surprised what benefits it brings, in addition to being a premium insulant.
  • Structural stability to your home is achieved by bonding surfaces together
  • It’s durable and long lasting, retaining its energy-efficient properties for as long as the building exists.
  • It seals a building that in turn reduces drafts, dust and insects, repels water and resists mould and fungi.
  • It’s a non-allergenic product.
  • It’s not an ozone depleting product.
  • It reduces noise levels from within and outside your home.
  • Due to its flexible form, it can be applied to a variety of situations.
  • It’s more space efficient compared to other forms of insulation, allowing for maximum use of internal spaces.

Ceiling Insulation

Tate’s Coating Service has been operating for 20 years. We have a long list of satisfied customers and our home foam insulation is the newest addition to our range of professional services. Based in Western Australia, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as individual residences. Our Polyurethane Foam insulation outperforms all of its competitors, and is a high quality, durable solution.

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Underfloor Insulation for Perth

Have you ever attempted to insulate underneath your home? Did the insulation fall off? Was it difficult to do? Could you get to everywhere under the home? Possibly Not!! Spray foam insulation can provide the simplest, most efficient and practical way to insulate underneath floors. Commonly, floorboards are uninsulated within homes, however, our products provide the ideal solution for sub-floor insulation. […]

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Wall Insulation Perth

Excellent insulation solutions for wall cavities. When it comes to insulating your home against the heat and cold, we can install home foam wall insulation into most wall cavities. We can do this either during the construction phase or retro-fit it afterwards. Polyurethane foam provides the best possible insulation properties and can be fitted into any wall cavity in your […]

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