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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

For all your polyurethane insulation requirements

Tate’s Coating Services provides a highly efficient spray foam insulation service that has the ability to turn a used shed into your very own cool-room. Alternatively, our products will help you create a cool room from scratch. Our services include applying a polyurethane foam insulation to any room, container or shed. Our insulation products are highly efficient, and by using polyurethane foam, you have the ability to form an air seal around the room, without any areas of weakness within the insulating system. It has the potential to create a controlled atmosphere environment, and is easily repairable should any damage occur. Contact us for more information on these highly effective products.

Simple, effective and affordable

Insulating cool-rooms is a relatively easy process. All we require is clear access to the working area, and then, depending on the surface, we may have to apply a primer or sealer. After that we will apply the desired thickness of our polyurethane foam insulator, depending on the intended use of the cool-room. It really is one of the simplest and eco-friendliest methods of creating a cool room or insulating an existing one.

No new panels needed

The main benefit of using polyurethane insulation foam for your cool rooms is you do not have to install new panels, you can simply apply the foam to the existing substrate. Polyurethane foam insulation has a seamless application creating a sealed environment with no weak areas and gaps that you may get from freezer panels. In addition, any vermin or insect damage can be easily spotted and repaired unlike freezer panels. We offer both domestic and commercial applications for our insulation foams. Whether you have improvised a cold room at home or have a huge industrialised cool room at the factory, we have an effective solution for you. Just contact us with your insulation requirements and we’ll supply you with a no-obligation free quote.