Spray foam, is a superior insulator

At Tates Coating Services we provide spray foam insulation that is highly efficient in terms of application and cost-effective both now and into the future.  Polyurethane spray foam can easily be applied to any room, container or shed.  It forms a tight seal around the room, minimising the chance of there being any areas of weakness in your insulating system.

Whether you are building a cool room at home, a large industrialised cool room or shed, we have an effective insulating solution for you.

Create easily controlled cold room environments

Creating a cool room is a relatively easy process when you have an expert team on the job.  At Tates Coating Services all we require is clear access to the working area.  Depending on the surface we may have to only apply a primer or sealer.  After that we will then apply the desired thickness of our polyurethane spray foam insulator depending on the intended use of the room.  It really is one of the simplest and most eco-friendliest methods of creating a cool room or insulating an existing building.


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    Simple and affordable to install

    Application is very easy for a team with experience.  Another benefit of using a polyurethane spray foam for your shed or cool room insulation is that there is no need to install new panels should a repair be needed.  You can simply apply the foam to the existing substrate.

    Due to its expanding natirem, the polyurethane foam quickly and efficiently fills any crevices and cracks for maximum coverage.  The entire surface area is coated which makes it more efficienct when compared to other bulky insulation solutions.  Other advantages of polyurethane spray foma insuatlions over other traditional methods include;

    When applied by experts, its seamless application creates a sealed environment with no weak areas and gaps.

    Any vermin or insect damage can be easily spotted and repaired.

    Superior thermal efficiency that lasts longer than traditional insulations.

    Cool Rooms Insulation - Shed Insulation

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