Below are two different jobs using the same process for water proofing. (Left, Residential balcony in Fremantle, right, local and popular “The Saint Hotel”, Innaloo)

The concrete slabbed area is first primed, then we begin the polyurethane elastomer application. The particular material used is the clients choice and of course Tate’s Coating Services will advise on suitable options as well depending on particular job scope. The entire area is coated with an elastomer coating with the option of applying an increased thickness to areas that may be subject to heavy traffic. The Elastomer coating is applied completely across the floor and brought up the wall surface as well to completely encapsulate the area at risk.

We have multiple products that can be used in this situation, some with slightly different properties to others. We have particular products that supply better abrasion resistance, impact resistance food quality and water potable options.

The elastomer coating is a flexible, abrasion resistant plastic coating. It is ideal to be used over concrete areas with problems due to cracks and leaking water below. It is also ideal for use in construction stages with blinding slabs and to prevent future water problems.