Spray foam insulation is usually hidden behind walls, under the floor, or up in roof spaces. But in some cases, the foam may remain exposed. Ceilings in some commercial buildings, factories, and garages are often left exposed, as are insulated industrial tanks and shipping container homes. If you’d like to know whether foam insulation can be painted, then keep reading to get all the details.

Can I paint spray foam insulation?

Whether your project is using open or closed cell spray foam, it is perfectly suitable for painting. We recommend using water-based acrylic or latex paint as your best paint options. Oil or solvent based paints will not generally damage the foam but you should do a small test area before painting the whole area.

Do I need to paint spray foam?

Spray foam doesn’t need painting, but you may choose to coat it with a new shade that matches its surroundings. If the foam is on the outside of a building, paint will protect it from UV damage. Foam will also become dirty in places where people can touch it, so painting is well worth it.

How do I apply paint to spray foam?

You can paint polyurethane spray foam with a brush or roller, but we suggest using a paint sprayer. Rollers can damage the foam which isn’t ideal, and the surface of spray foam is rough, so spray paint will make the job easier.

If you haven’t installed the insulation yet, keep in mind that you’re best to ask us first as we know which products work best and have all the equipment that is needed.

If you’d like to learn more about spray foam insulation, then contact us for a free quote. We’re happy to answer any other questions you have about your insulation project.