For residential water tanks, insulating tank jackets are a great way to regulate temperature fluctuation, reduce evaporation and prolong life of the tank.

But what if your tank is an irregular shape or too big for generic jackets? Maybe you’re the owner of an industrial tank that houses valuable wine or oil?

In these situations, spray foam insulation is an excellent and easy option for keeping the tank’s contents at a stable temperature. Keep reading to discover five benefits of insulating tanks with spray foam.

  1. Energy efficiency

If you have a tank of which its contents are hot or cold, spraying a layer of Polyurethane Foam will maintain the contents at the desired temperature reducing energy loss, energy costs by stabilising the contents within.

  1. Extend the life of your tank

No matter what size tank you own, a layer of polyurethane spray foam will help protect it. Corrosion and damage from knocks are much less likely with a protective layer. The structural integrity of a tank is also enhanced by spray foam as is the prevention of condensation to minimise any rust.

  1. Easily insulate any tank

Since the advent of spray foam, insulating large storage tanks has become much easier. It adheres to tanks well, providing an excellent barrier to elements. Foam can be sprayed into awkward, hard-to-reach spaces.

  1. Insulate what’s needed

Spray foam allows you to only insulate the parts of the tank that need it. Other sections, like the inspection panels or important pipes, can be left untouched.

  1. Protect your investment

Large commercial tanks may hold valuable liquid. It’s usually in the owner’s best interest to keep the contents within a specific temperature range. Businesses like wine operators will benefit from a better final product by insulating tanks with spray foam.

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