Insulation is not just something for the home, as it also has numerous benefits when used for commercial and industrial purposes. Potential outcomes include temperature control, noise reduction and corrosion prevention. Businesses of all types can take advantage of our services, and see instant results. 

If you still need convincing, read on to learn about the benefits of commercial and industrial insulation:

Temperature Control

One of the most common reasons people choose insulation is temperature control, and this is because it works! Insulation in the walls, floors and ceilings can dramatically reduce the amount of hot or cold air from escaping. When the temperature in a building is manageable it will be more comfortable for both your staff, and your customers. Additionally, insulation is good for your bottom line as it will lead to lower electricity bills. With more and more businesses choosing sustainable solutions, using less power is going to be better for the planet too! 

Noise Reduction

For some businesses noise is inevitable, and the right type of insulation will have noise reduction properties. You can soundproof a room or an entire building, and keep the noise pollution to a minimum. 

If keeping your neighbours happy isn’t your number one priority, then clear, crisp sound inside a room might be. Insulation can even help to prevent echoing and eliminate vibration!

Less Condensation

Spray Foam Insulation can reduce the amount of condensation which is present. Items such as pipes and valves can be prone to corrosion but insulation can give them an added layer of protection.

Mould also flourishes with dampness, and can quickly grow out of control until it becomes a health hazard. By minimising condensation your systems won’t deteriorate as quickly as they otherwise would, and performance may even be improved.

If you are looking for insulation for your home, read more about our domestic solutions.

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