Commercial spray foam insulation is now the most popular option in commercial buildings such as offices, stores, warehouses, and other structures. This type of insulation provides an air and moisture barrier for roofs, walls, attics, basements, and other interior spaces.

When you seal cracks and gaps with spray foams, have you ever wondered about their safety and energy conservation benefits? Keep reading to learn the 5 biggest benefits of applying commercial spray foam insulation in commercial & industrial buildings.

1. Keep out Mould, Mildew, and Allergens

Commercial spray foam insulation works as a barrier against the water and moisture that transports mould and mildew. Since moisture can’t pass through the insulation, it protects your walls, roofs, basements and office spaces from mould and mildew.

Insulating your environment and space with spray foams also safeguards your health. It helps to protect you from diseases caused by toxic moulds, which can cause symptoms such as drowsiness, twitching, prolonged sleeping, convulsions, blindness, and paralysis.

Insulation can also help to keep allergens out of your building. This will be a great favour to staff and workers who suffer from allergies and respiratory disorders in allergy season.

2. Reduce Noise Levels

Using commercial Spray foam insulation in workplaces helps reduce noise levels, which will help you concentrate better at work.

If you live in a rowdy neighbourhood, spray foam insulation will help lower the amount of unwanted noise that penetrates through the cracks in the walls and roof. In fact, open-cell spray foams can reduce sound and background noise considerably. This is why the open-cell spray method is highly recommended if your environment is extremely noisy, simply because it’s more effective.

Basically, insulating your surroundings properly with spray foams means fewer distractions, better concentration and productivity, and peace of mind at work and at home.

3. Keep Insects, Bugs, And Rodents Away

Most buildings have cracks and large crevices that can let in bugs, insects, pests, and rodents. The good news is that you can now keep insects and rodents outside and away from your building using spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation covers and hardens in the crevices of buildings and blocks those little holes you always neglected. This stops these pests from getting in to terrorise you in a way that’s effective, safe, and dependable.

4. Strengthen Your Wall

Insulating your building can help to increase the sturdiness of your walls. Even though building standards require that walls are built to a certain standard, the climate and natural disasters can undo all this good work.

Commercial spray foam insulation can increase a building’s structural stability, help it withstand bad weather, and increase its longevity and lifespan.

5. Act as a Temperature Barrier

Insulation foam easily penetrates tiny holes and cracks in the wall. It swells rapidly after being injected into these cracks and crevices, helping to regulate air and water flow into the building. This acts as a barrier to the flow of hot and cold air, regulating the internal temperature. This will help you save a huge amount of money on energy expenses.

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With the growing issues caused by climate change, businesses, companies and people should use spray foam insulation as eco-friendly insulation

When you choose to insulate your commercial building, not only will your overall energy costs be reduced, there are other benefits as well. Here are some other benefits of polyurethane foam products:

  • Resistant to abrasion and chemicals
  • Provides a protective coating
  • Easily applied to existing areas
  • No need to replace any materials or panels
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe
  • Controls condensation
  • Cryogenic capabilities

Choosing the Best Foam Spray Contractor

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