Commercial building insulation

Whether you have a small or large business or a project manager for a building or manufacturing industry getting your head around which solution is best for you is part of our service and to show you how polyurethane spray foam is the best insulation choice for performance, efficiency and value that there is on the market.

At Tates Coating Services we offer commercial insulation in Perth which complements an extensive range of products and services.  With over 30 years experience in polyurethane foam applications and industrial wear-resistant coatings suited to all industries, we offer a service of integrity, professionalism and value.  We are safety compliant to all national standards and fully mobile.

When you choose to insulate your commercial building, not only will your overall energy costs be reduced, there are other benefits that you are not maybe aware of.  Collectively these benefits make polyurethane foam products so much more than you imagined and even more value for money.  Did you know polyurethane foam products can also assist in these areas:

          • Waterproofing
          • Moisture control
          • A reduction in noise
          • It’s easier to control and maintain the surface temperature of equipment and piping
          • Improve the longevity and lifespan of the building through structural stability
          • The creation of a comfortable work environment, maximising productivity while reducing downtime and minimising the potential for worker injuries
          • Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emission

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    A versatile industrialinsulation solution

    When it comes to industrial insulation, our polyurethane foam solutions have a wide range of uses. We use polyurethane foams in combination with elastomers which can be applied as a spray or injected into areas. This foam reaches cavities that traditional insulation can’t. It can be applied to building materials during construction or added once construction is complete.  The flexibility and versatility of the foam is what makes it unique. It can be applied in numerous densities in the forms of:  Spray, Injection, Pour, and Slab Stock.

    Polyurethane spray foam can be used to insulate walls, floors and roofing.  There are various industries and applications that spray foam can be applied to or used for:

    Transportable homes


    Sea containers

    Wheat Silos

    Water treatment plants

    Water storage reservoirs

    Mineral processing plants

    Chemical processing plants

    Food processing plants

    Cool rooms

    Pipe liners

    Valve boxes

    Commercial & Industrial Building Insulation Perth

    The benefits of polyurethanespray foam

    Excellent at helping control indoor climates

    Can significantly reduce your power bills

    Resistant to abrasion and chemicals

    Provides a protective coating

    Waterproofing and soundproofing capabilities

    Easily applied to existing areas

    No need to replace any materials or panels

    Eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe

    Control condensation

    Cryogenic capabilities


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