We experience a diversity of industry within the scope of our product. Polyurethane Spray Foam versatility reaches not just Roof Insulation, Underfloor Insulation, Wall Insulation or Shed Insulation. Let your imagination run wild.

Working and creating with artists is definitely something that we enjoy immensely. Tate’s Coating Service’s were contacted by CDM Studio to assist in the construction phase of a children’s playground in Secret Harbour, south of Perth. Specifically, a giant octopus. Isn’t an octopus in a playground just perfect?

Peter began building layers of Polyurethane Foam for the tentacles by spraying & following a spray can drawing on the ground. From there he was able to create the shape of the body over the tunnel part of the playground and beyond.

Polyurethane foam is well suited to creating large structures due to it being very light weight in its finished state and because of its ability to maintain its own structural integrity.

The next stage of the Octopus’ journey is to be covered with shot-crete and then softball rubber. Watch this space for further updates to see this Octopus’ playground come to life…..