Tate’s Coating services were required to fix a leaking water tank at the Water Corporation desalination plant in Binningup, WA.

Tate’s Coating Services were called upon to fix the leaking tank by essentially lining the tank with a polyurethane flexible coating.

The job required sandblasting in order to prepare the surface to remove the already corroded material and so that the correct adhesion could be made, ensuring the newly installed lining gives many more years of service.

Once the blasting was completed a specific primer was used to seal the tank completely in preparation for the final stage of the polyurethane coating.

The polyurethane coating was applied at roughly a 2-3mm thickness to provide a completely new lining within the tank leaving no areas of weakness for water to escape or to continue rusting the tank.

The polyurethane product that was used had to meet a set of criteria and Tate’s Coating Service had access to numerous products and recommended the most suitable product for this application. The main criteria that needed to be met were that the tank lining must be suitable for potable water and the product must not deteriorate as a result of any salts or chemicals that may be found in the tank.