We often talk about the benefits of insulation for buildings such as soundproofing, temperature control and reduced energy prices. However, there is so much more that our unique polyurethane foam can do. When we were approached by an adventurous duo with a project which was a little bit different, we couldn’t help but be excited…

The wheels on the bus go round and round

In August 2018, Perth couple Harry and Hannah became the proud owners of a 40 foot school (COOL) bus which has since gained the name Hentley. No, this wasn’t the beginning of a new career driving kids to school, but something which would eventually become a home on wheels. Harry and Hannah have a clear vision for their tiny portable home, as its size doesn’t mean they will sacrifice modern amenities and comfort.

There is even room for a working kitchen, water tanks and a queen size bed! Prepared to put in the effort, these two 20-somethings are not afraid of hard work, with the joint goal of exploring everything the road has to offer.

(Image via: Instagram @herandharry)

In with the insulation

When you are travelling in Australia, our extreme weather conditions can be a problem. Some days the temperature can jump past 40 degrees, while other times you will shiver through a frosty night. Harry and Hannah didn’t want to be restricted in their travel, as they dream of having the experience of an authentic, off the grid lifestyle. This means finding ways to keep their bus at a liveable temperature, and in addition to solar power, our spray on foam insulation was an obvious choice. The first step was emptying the vehicle, which they decided to do themselves. This included the time consuming task of (gently) ripping out chairs and creating a clear space.

Off to work we Go

Our experienced team worked their magic, with the spray on insulation being applied to the ceiling and walls. The benefit of this polyurethane foam is it can fit into crevices creating a waterproof seal, and as it is only a thin layer it won’t take up valuable space in a smaller area… such as a bus!

What is even cooler about this project is that it was all captured on film, and you can watch the time lapse version right here:


Polyurethane foam dries quickly, and once the application has been completed there is no odour. Plus, the results will be obvious straight away. While Harry and Hannah did consider a DIY insulation job, they were glad they chose Tate’s Coating Services, and said:

“The insulation is in! Officially the first thing to go into the bus after fully stripping it. We are very happy with the result! The product is a closed cell polyurethane. We considered a DIY for this one but after seeing the amazing job the professionals have done we are glad we didn’t! Glad it’s in given these 40 degree days (104F).”

Follow the journey

For Harry and Hannah, the adventure has already begun, before they have even left for their first destination. The designing, building and planning process is all part of the experience and we are enjoying watching their progress as it unfolds. Follow them on Instagram @herandharry to see what comes next!

If you have a unique project (or a regular project) which requires insulation, we are always up for a challenge!

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