LJM is a large farm in WA’s southwest. With a number of large cool rooms required to store there produce, polyurethane foam is an ideal way to reduce energy costs on cooling the area as well as eliminating air movement or condensation.

Tate’s Coating Services were required to install the spray applied polyurethane to the roof an existing building.

The surface initially requires a high pressure clean to get rid of any built up dirt, dust or contaminants.

The process involved, firstly masking all important areas and the floor to minimise the chance of overspray causing a mess or damaging anything.

Polyurethane was then directly applied to the required surfaces, usually including walls and roof. On occasions, we also apply polyurethane to the blinding slab to then be covered with another layer of concrete.

Access to roof areas for installing the polyurethane foam is all completed from an EWP, which all our employees are licensed and fully competent to use.