Insulate a sea container with the best insulation there is. The variety of projects that Polyurethane foam can be used for means our job is rarely boring. We have insulated a number of sea containers and so far, this one, is the most creative.

To capture a view

Iconic Fremantle’s Port wharf. The checkerboard stacks of constantly flowing sea containers. What a view to capture. So, when designing the extension to their home and in keeping with the theme, this creative couple chose to add a 2nd level using a Sea Container. Set in a position at the back of the block, the container faces north for the view of the harbour. Their own private vista of the Fremantle’s Port.

Steps to take

A 20” sea container was craned in over the existing home and placed on top of the new ground floor extension. Voila, a 2nd storey with a birds-eye view that is cost effective, quick and sturdy. A spiral staircase provides access from the ground floor. Double glazed windows will be installed at both ends and the container “doors” will act as protection and privacy for and from the neighbours.