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About Us

About Us

Tate’s Coating Service’s is a family owned and operated business centrally located in Welshpool, Western Australia. Founded back in 1996 by Peter Tate operating for 20 Years. His business has grown to be a highly reputable supplier of polyurethane solutions within not only Western Australia but also Australia. Tate’s Coating Services supplies insulation and protective coatings to the commercial, industrial and domestic market working in construction, manufacturing or refurbishment phases. Peter Tate, the director of Tate’s Coating Services has over 25 years of industry experience which he uses to apply his polyurethane application trade to many mediums. The business has steadily grown to employ many staff which undergo continuous training and qualifications whilst learning about the polyurethane trade. Our client list includes BHP, BGC, ALCOA, FMG, McDonalds, IGA, Kailis Marine to name a few, it is an example of our diverse range of applications and reputation in the polyurethane industry. Tate’s Coating Services also has 4 fully mobile rigs and in house spraying to cater for all requirements. Tate’s Coating Services is a Western Australian business that services the whole of Australia. It prides itself on it’s friendly staff and face to face contact building a reputation, providing excellent quality and service. Tate’s Coating services can provide a range of products and services to a range of clients. Supplying premium polyurethane foam insulation to all applications and polyurethane or elastomer coatings for abrasion and protection, chemical resistance or waterproofing. Home Foam Insulation is a recently created branch of the Tate’s Coating Services business aimed to provide the premium polyurethane option to the domestic market. Home Foam Insulation focuses on providing premium insulation to wall cavities, roof/attic spaces and under floor options. Home Foam Insulation is raising the awareness of polyurethane and its added benefits to saving energy costs and helping the environment compared to its better known domestic insulation of batts and cellulose fibre insulation.

CEO – Peter Tate

Peter began his trade sealing wheat silos in country western Australia as a young 20 year old. From there his passion grew, leading him to taking control of his employers polyurethane department. He has grown from a one man band to now employing many staff and establishing himself as the leading go to man in western Australia. He has a wealth of experience that few can compete with. His current role now as Director of Tate’s Coating Services sees him oversee all ventures however still on the end of the gun providing the quality, reputable polyurethane applications that Tate’s Coating Services is known for.

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